The ISIS global network

includes more than 20,000 employees of zoos, aquariums and other conservation organizations
in more than 800 institutions in almost 80 countries.
This is the largest global network of zoological interests in the world.
ISIS Community Portal
Individuals who work for ISIS member organizations use this tool to create unique profiles, outlining their interest and specialties to help form a bond of interests across our community.
ISIS members who have a special need for information can use the ISIS Community Portal as a resource to seek out individuals with specialized talents and interests. Members may use this resource to start a conversation about the best way to care for their animals in general  or they may reach out in crisis to find answers to an emergency need at their facility.
What ever the need of our member for information, ISIS is here to create the connections that matter.

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​Networking forums 
ISIS encourages our members to reach out for the information and best-practices information they need. To help facilitate important conversations among our community members, ISIS hosts networking forums.

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Currently, ISIS hosts the following forums for our community (Note: you must be a member of many of the these forums for access.)