Bequest: A Gift Through Your Will

​Bequests to the International Species Information System are deductible from your gross estate under United States (US) law. As a result, such bequests may offer estate tax advantages.

Specific Bequest. You may name the International Species Information System as the direct beneficiary of a stated amount of money, or a stated percentage of your estate.

Residual Bequest. You may direct that the International Species Information System receive all or part of the remainder of your estate once specific bequests to named individuals or other charities are carried out.

Contingent Bequest. You may name the International Species Information System as the contingent beneficiary -- if specific bequests are made to family or friends, We would be the beneficiary only in the contingency that they do not survive you.


Legal Designation


Gifts through your will should name us as:

The International Species Information System, a nonprofit organization, organized and existing under the laws of the State of Minnesota, and with the principle business address of 7900 International Drive Suite 1040, Bloomington, MN 55425


Use of your Bequest

Unrestricted gifts allow the our Board of Trustees to allocate resources to priority needs. However, you may choose to designate that your gift is to be used to further the general purpose of our mission, or restrict use to some particular purpose.

We would be happy to work with you and your estate advisor to designate a specific use for your bequest (e.g. sponsoring member institutions who could not otherwise afford membership, or supporting conservation-oriented software and product development and research).


Acknowledgement of your Bequest

We would prefer to acknowledge your bequest and thank you for your generosity. However, we will honor requests for anonymity.