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ISIS is supported by its members' dues, grants and donations. These resources are in turn, used to further efforts to develop and provide technical solutions which will facilitate international collaboration in the collection and sharing of knowledge on animals and their environments.

Giving to ISIS is contributing to the effort to bring valued knowledge to wildlife conservation programs across the planet.

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The Marvin Jones
Memorial Fund


Through a request from our partners the Zoological Registrars Association (ZRA), ISIS established a memorial fund in memory of Registrar Emeritus Marvin Jones, Zoological Society of San Diego.
Marvin, a founding member of ZRA, was an active collector of animal records. Marvin’s contributions to ISIS and animal records have helped us all gain a better understanding of the animal populations we support today.
Contributions to the Marvin Jones Memorial Fund helped our community build the ZIMS application  the most advanced animal record management system yet imagined.


ZRA started this fund with $2,500.


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Other Contributors include:

Douglas Hatfield
Laurie Bingaman Lackey
Nancy and Mark Butler
Susan D. Chan, Editor, Animal Keepers' Forum/AAZK, Inc.
Dallas World Aquarium
Rachael De Caro
Anne Fletcher-Jones
Clayton F. Freiheit
Allegra Hamer
Warren and Ghislaine De B. Iliff
International Rhino Foundation (Thomas Foose)
Mark Reed
Richard Weigl
Francine Woods & Lourdes Bell
Wildlife World Zoo, Inc.
Thank you to all contributors for your generous giving.