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Biological Institution Membership

The ISIS Board of Trustees approves all members. Biological Institutions receive:
  1. Access to ZIMS application for animal and institution data management.
  2. Access to globally pooled data including, species holding, specimen records, physiological norms, weight comparison graphs and population overview reports.
  3. Access to ZIMS Reports and the ability to export multiple data sources to Excel, PDF and other outputs.
  4. Unlimited access to the ISIS team of professional support agents.
  5. Access to free training resources, including: monthly webinars, topical help pages, downloadable PowerPoint training aides, and a growing list of community support training documents. 

    Learn how ZIMS can assist during the 
    AZA accreditation application process:
    ZIMS Answers Questions (PPTX)

Download biological institution membership application (pdf)


Zoological Associations Membership​
Zoo and aquarium associations receive:
  • Formal representation in ISIS
  • Licensed use of ISIS software and access to pooled data at their associations' offices
  • ISIS may provide workshops, training courses or participate in your association’s meetings by providing presentations on data management or other appropriate topics
  • ISIS may provide studbook support to your region
  • ISIS will send regular communications to all its members
    • We welcome content from your association to include in our newsletters
  • Link to your association on the ISIS website (  

    Learn how ZIMS assists AZA members
    during their accreditation application process:
    ZIMS Answers Questions (PPTX)
Download ISIS association membership application. . .
Application for a LearnZIMS Educational License to Teach with the ZIMS Application


ISIS offers educational institutions access to the educational version of ZIMS application for the purpose of teaching those who will be employed by zoos, aquariums or other wildlife management and conservation groups.

  • The educational version of the ZIMS application is not a part of the ISIS global database. It is part of a separate teaching database through which your students will have access to their own data and that of all other educational institutions using the ZIMS application for teaching purposes.
  • ISIS does not maintain data in this environment. Each institution may input data as they see fit.
  • In addition to the educational environment, your students will have access to basic ‘species holding’ from the ISIS global database – this is a view of the count of animals held by ISIS member institutions around the world. 

See a list of founding members teaching with LearnZIMS now

Note: ISIS requires that an institution that maintains a real collection join as a  biological member and contribute to the global database, multi-product discounts available.


Biological Institution Membership

Zoological Association Membership

LearnZIMS Educational License to Teach with ZIMS

Completed membership applications should be submitted to:
7900 International Drive Suite 1040
Bloomington, MN 55425
Phone: +1-651-447-5530
Fax: +1-952-853-1280​