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Frequently asked questions
Who can become a member of ISIS?
There are currently four types of ISIS members:
Zoos, aquariums, animal conservation organizations and other professionally-managed public facilities that care for wildlife are typical ISIS members. 
These members receive licensed use of ISIS software, access to the ISIS database, representation in the ISIS Community Portal, and other members services, including exchange of information from ISIS through newsletters and other communications.
Zoo and aquarium associations receive formal representation in ISIS, licensed use of ISIS software and access to data at their associations' offices, representation in the ISIS Community Portal, and other members services, including exchange of information from ISIS through newsletters and other communications.
Approved higher education and professional services training organizations may purchase access to the LearnZIMS educational license to integrate the global standard animal records management software into their curriculum.



What are the requirements of membership?
Membership in ISIS has three requirements:
  • Payment of annual membership fee
  • Sharing of current data about your collection in ISIS-accepted formats
    (Data must be current to three (3) months to remain in good standing)
  • Member's chief executive officer must sign the appropriate membership application and agree to abide by the requirements outlined in the ISIS Member Declaration

ISIS Membership Agreement. . .

Why do organizations join ISIS?
Members join ISIS to receive the benefits of a pooled knowledgebase of information on more than 2.6 million animals. In addition, members contribute to greater conservation goals by sharing information on their animal collections with ISIS member institutions across the world.

The ISIS network has come together to collect basic biologic information (age, sex, parentage, place of birth, circumstance of death, etc.), which members use to monitor overall population status, find appropriate unrelated new animals, identify facilities with experience in breeding and raising offspring.
How much does membership cost?
Membership is available in three different forms, assocaition, educational license and biological institution, costs for membership are based on your budget or attendance figures, our membership staff are happy to work with you to define these costs. 
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What is my ZIMS fee? Do I have to pay it each year?


To support the ZIMS project, ISIS has relied on loans and contributions from almost 150 zoological institutions.
However, this was not enough funding to complete this project so the ISIS Board of Trustees approved a one-time ZIMS fee for those members who did not contribute to the ZIMS capital campaign. Revenue from this fee is essential for ISIS to pay back our ZIMS construction loans, maintain our momentum in getting new institutions ready to use ZIMS and to invest in continued development of the software.
The ZIMS fee is required from all members, even if you do not plan on utilizing the ZIMS program at this point.  The structure of the fees were designed assuming all members would pay, so any member that doesn’t pay, regardless of whether or not they will use the software initially, puts more pressure on the remaining members.
New members now pay an initiation fee, which is equal to the ZIMS fee previously assessed on our members.


What payment methods does ISIS accept?
If you have questions about payment...
​Contact ISIS Member Services with questions. Phone: +1-651-447-5530
Is ISIS membership renewal required each year
to retain license to use ISIS software?

Yes. ISIS software is part of your membership.
Your annual membership fees pay for the support and
ongoing development of the software our members use.
Non-payment of annual membership fees could mean that
you will loose access to ISIS software and services.

 ISIS is supported by membership dues, and is also a nonprofit entity.
You can help. Learn more about donation and sponsorship opportunities. . .

If you have additional questions about membership in ISIS...
​Contact ISIS Member Services with questions. Phone: +1-651-447-5530