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ISIS is a membership organization that develops technical solutions to help our members collect and share knowledge on animals and their environments for zoos, aquariums and related conservation organizations. We are a fast-growing organization with a wide open future. We are always working on new ideas for providing services and products that serve the global conservation community.



Software developed for the purpose
of caring for animals
ISIS offers members sophisticated knowledge management tools with full technical support and training services. Working with our members, we encourage cooperative development of software designed specifically to meet our members' growing data collection and management needs at a reasonable cost.


Zoological Information Management System  application

As a part of membership, ISIS is offering our members our ZIMS application. Zoos, aquariums and other conservation organizations
worldwide will use the ZIMS application to track pertinent information needed by their animal-care staff, including collection management, husbandry, and health and disease history.

In March 2010, we began our journey to integrate and replace the entire suite of ISIS legacy products with our next generation of software -- the ZIMS application. We are now working to assure that all ISIS members will use the ZIMS application as their main animal-knowledge management system as soon as possible.


Animal Record Keeping System is used to record core data for all of the animals in a zoo and to provide overall inventory management. This includes husbandry, weights and measures, what animal is living in which enclosure and transfers in and out of the institution. ARKS data is uploaded to the ISIS global database, where ISIS members can access it in a variety of ways.

Currently, we are transitioning our members to the ZIMS application for these basic functionalities. Most new members would begin using the ZIMS application rather than ARKS.



Medical Animal Record Keeping System
works in conjunction with the ARKS application. Animal information within the ARKS database was accessed by MedARKS to allow linking of animal health information to the ARKS core data.
In addition to medical records, MedARKS offered species-specific reference intervals for many common medical tests. For over 25 years MedARKS has been the working standard for electronic medical records in zoo animal medicine.
MedARKS was partially replaced with ZIMS for Medical application in April of 2014 with additional functionality added to ZIMS in October 2014.
More details on ZIMS For Medical here.
MedARKS is still available for users who have internet connectivity issues. OR who have need of the functionality and have not yet migrated into ZIMS.
Download a MedARKS order form (Word document)
ISIS Reference Ranges -2013-Physiological Values in Captive Wildlife, compiled in 2013
Reference intervals for many common hematology and serum chemistry tests have been calculated for more than 900 species held by ISIS member institutions.  This information is available to ISIS members from within the ZIMS application.  Clinicians in private veterinary practice with a need for wildlife reference intervals can purchase a CD of this material.
Download an order form (PDF)

Single Population Animal Records System
is used to record, analyze and manage records for a population of animals, usually of a single species. Studbook keepers use SPARKS.

The data may be analyzed with SPARKS and may also be exported to other scientific analysis packages such as pmX, pm2000, Lineage, MateRx and ZooRisk. 

The functionality of this application will be included in later development cycles of the ZIMS application.
Other ISIS studbook products
The ISIS Specimen Reference DVD contains historical and pedigree information on 2 million specimens of approximately 10,000 species. The Specimen Reference DVD also contains historical zoological datasets, containing all data in the ISIS system.
The Specimen Reference DVD was last updated and distributed to ISIS members in 2009. 
The ISIS/World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) Studbook and Husbandry Manual Library
contains almost 1,400 regional and international studbooks, husbandry manuals, related resources and reference documents pertaining to captive animal data records and population management. ISIS publishes this comprehensive studbook library for our members – and more and more zoos are using it as a primary means of publishing. The 2008 edition includes approximately 190 international and 1,250 regional studbooks and more than 235 husbandry manuals. 

What does this mean to you?
  • On average, international studbooks include 900 animals (300 living), which translates to 180 pages of text that must be printed.
  • This could cost your institution up to US $20 for each copy.
  • Most institutions print close to 150 copies – totaling US $3,000 for each international studbook – or an annual community savings of about US $525,000.

Printing regional studbooks – community savings could exceed US $1.4 million annually. 


ZIMS Educational License

Teach the World Standard

The ISIS global network includes more than 20,000 employees of zoos, aquariums and other conservation organization from over 800 institutions in more than 80 countries; creating the largest global network of zoological interests in the world. This global community has for 40 years invested in collaboration through data sharing with ISIS and the result of this international commitment is the ZIMS application. 
Now you can integrate the World Standard animal records management solution into your College, University, Technical School or Professional Training Institution's curriculum with a LearnZIMS Educational License.
ZIMS Training Services
ISIS also offers premium training services for the ZIMS application. 
For When One-Size Doesn't Fit All
Because the ZIMS application represents many new business rules, and contains many features previously unavailable to our members, we are offering ISIS Premium Services. We understand that you may want services in addition to those provided as part of standard membership.
ZIMS Solutions
Locally-Hosted Solution
ISIS has teamed with Dell® to offer the ZIMS application as a Locally-Hosted Solution. This will allow you to run the ZIMS application directly inside your own network.
This allows you to:
  1. Develop your own custom reports based on a local view of ZIMS data
  2. Integrate other applications with ZIMS data (e.g., accounting, insurance, etc.)
  3. Access to the ZIMS application based primarily on your network connection and not entirely on your Internet connection
Feature Sponsorship
Through feature sponsorship any ISIS member(s) may suggest a timeline for a specific functionality to be developed. The member(s) would pay a premium -- or sponsor that feature.
Typically, ISIS receives input and feedback from users and members; we then use this advice to determine the functionality developed and offered in upcoming releases of the ZIMS application. ISIS determines the overall priority and timing based on the needs of its overall membership.
However, if there is a feature that is of general use to a majority of users, a member(s) may choose to sponsor that feature to ensure its completion for a specific ZIMS release.  This provides members a vehicle to have a feature included in the ZIMS application earlier than might otherwise be the case.
Data services
Data entry and migration project planning

ISIS will work with you to plan how to move your important information from disparate sources – Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, paper copies – into the ZIMS application. Through this service, we will help you create a project plan to get the work done.

Offsite data entry

ISIS will collect documents from your institution and input your important data into your ZIMS database by hand. (Based on volume.)

Data Migration 

ISIS will work with you to move your important information from electronic sources – such as Excel spreadsheets or Access databases – into the ZIMS application.


Contact for more information and quotes on any of the above services.

ZIMS setup services
ZIMS Deployment Project Management
A professional, independent information technology project manager will work with you to customize your ZIMS deployment process to meet your institution’s unique needs. Having an independent resource to manage your deployment process allows your team to focus on their duties and assures that the project of deploying ZIMS remains on track.
ZIMS Application Configuration
and Setup
A professional, independent information technology project manager will work with you to customize your ZIMS application to meet your institution’s unique needs. 
Additional ZIMS customization Services
As the creators of the ZIMS application, ISIS can help you access additional services to help you use the ZIMS application in the best way to increase your efficiency, bolster your data quality or use the SharePoint services to which you have access from ISIS to your best advantage.
Contact for more information and quotes on any of the above services.