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Did you know?
If you printed out all the specimen records in the ISIS global database, it would take about 11,000 reams of paper -- and the pile of papers would equal an 18-story building.


Join us in 2014

...as we offer our members more opportunities: 
- to come ​together - to learn more about ISIS software - 
- to meet our staff - to help build best practices -
For all the members attending our Workshops in 2014, please visit the following page for final event logistics:
2014 ZIMS Workshops Page​
ISIS ZIMS Workshops

Fall 2014
In 2014 we had multiple opportunities to attend ZIMS Workshops! 

A day-long event in advance of the AZA Annual Conferences thanks to our event host Disney. Due to the generosity of Disney's Animal Kingdom this was a cost-free event!

Additional events are offered at the AZVT, AAZV, ZRA and EAZA Annual Conferences focusing on the newest features of ZIMS for Medical.  See below for specific events and their downloadable presentations.


Thank You to 2014 Event Sponsors!
Sept. 10th - AZVT at The Georgia Sea Turtle Center!

Downloadable Presentations:
Master handout.docx
PR - Carroll named trustee.pdf
PR - Lawrenz named trustee.pdf
Print - Helpful_links.pdf
Sept. 12th - AZA Workshop hosted by Disney's Animal Kingdom! 


Downloadable Presentations:

AZA Creating and Assigning Animal Husbandry and Medical Roles.pptx
AZA Diagnosis and Procedures.pptx
AZA Incomplete Accessions.pptx
AZA Prescriptions and Anesthesia.pptx
Print - Helpful_links.pdf
Print- 2014 ZIMS Workshop AZA Exercises.docx
Print- 20140912 Workshop Agenda.pdf

Sept. 29th - ZRA Workshop hosted by Houston Zoo! 

Downloadable Presentations: 

Print - Helpful_links.pdf


The ZIMS Workshops offer
Opportunities to:
  • Get hands-on, face-to-face training and technical support on ISIS software and applications -- at price far below premium
  • Gain Insight and provide input into further development of the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) application
  • Participate in discussions of basic animal records techniques
  • Network with zoological professionals from around the world
Opportunities for:
  • ZIMS training classes
    Hands-on training on the ZIMS application.
  • Conversations with those who are using the ZIMS application
Contact ISIS Training if you'd like to participate in either the US or European workshops.  Training@isis.org