​ZIMS features

The ISIS Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) application includes many features to help our members better manage their animal information for internal – and external –  business needs.

ISIS is building the ZIMS application to be a comprehensive, centralized animal management system. The base has been built and, while we work to include additional features, we will continue to provide additional software for specific areas of interest.

If you have questions about features in ISIS software applications, please contact ISIS Member Support at support@isis.org. We will be happy to answer your inquiries and provide you demonstrations of features in the ZIMS application or other ISIS software.

Animal Inventory and Management
  • Follow animals through acquisition and disposition from multiple different institutions
  • Record group splits, merges and two groups in the same enclosure
  • Record births and life stage transitions
  • Collect census data
  • Record additional notes on each individual animal
And more…
Animal Husbandry
  • Track animals’ life history
  • Record rearing practices, sex and parentage
  • Capture and chart morphometric data like animal weights and lengths
And more…
  • Record information on aquatic and terrestrial enclosures
  • Attach animals to those enclosures
  • Easily move animals in and out of enclosures
  • Create a tree structure for related enclosures
And more…
Life Support/Components
  • Monitor your enclosures’ water quality
  • Enter temperature, pH and nitrogen levels for trending and out-of-range alerting
  • Record data on bacteria counts and oxygen levels
  • Record and monitor filtration/non-filtration events so you can make system adjustments to save your animal collection
And more…
  • Define various animal collections for more effective animal management, like a main collection, children’s zoo collection, education collection, etc.
  • Reports – on local (your data) and global data from more than 800 institutions worldwide
  • Animal mortality
  • Activity
  • Enclosure
  • Loan
  • Note retrieval
  • Inventory – detailed and summary
  • Specimen and taxon
  • Transaction
  • Users also have the ability to tailor and create customized reports
  • And more in development…
User management
Create customized roles for access through user management tools built into the ZIMS application
ZIMS For Medical 
  • Track treatments, prescriptions and outcomes in specific rooms/tanks/enclosures
  • Access a complete history of animals presented for clinical exam, including enclosure and medical history, diet, behavior and water quality
  • Immediately access laboratory results, and interface between lab and other systems
  • Compare blood chemistry and hematology results to past values for the individual and normals for the species
  • Identify morphometric and physiological norms
  • Monitor health status to alert vets of possible outbreaks
  • Search past quarantine, hospital, husbandry and necropsy records for similar problems and successful treatment protocols
  • Record collection and banking samples
  • Access summary information on living collections and preserved biomaterials
Permitting & acceptance

ZIMS reports are accepted by regulatory agencies worldwide

Because ISIS maintains a global, shared-records database, we offer community transparency and lifetime multi-institutional animal histories -- providing some important additional assurance of animal reports accuracy and integrity. 

  • ISIS software is in use by more than 800 zoological institutions worldwide
  • ISIS reports have unusual levels of acceptance from regulatory bodies. US Fish & Wildlife Services (USFWS) accepts ISIS reports in some cases in lieu of CITES import documents, and will accept ISIS Specimen reports (ARKS or ZIMS) as proof of captive breeding. (USFWS will not, however, accept reports from other applications that are not part of a global records database. That means those institutions not using ISIS software will have to get a certificate of captive birth from the breeder.)
  • Some associations (e.g. EAZA) and national governments (e.g. Denmark) require ISIS for all zoos.
Community Integration
  • Provides data and features specific to an individual using institution
  • Provides features that facilitate animal transactions between institutions
  • Summarizes and aggregates pooled data for local, regional, and global use, including:
    • Pedigree data assembled for thousands of species from hundreds of institutions
    • Current holdings by species for hundreds of institutions
    • Other pooled data norms coming…

The ZIMS user base will grow to more than 800 institutions.

User Community

  • Data standards developed by hundreds of zoo professionals and subject matter experts from across the globe to create meaningful data standards for research, reports and queries
  • ZIMS users online forum
Global Access
  • Instantly access comprehensive population oversight information on thousands of species, and pooled community best practices
  • Track an animal’s life history in a single electronic record: one, global, lifetime, permanent ID for each animal
  • See your animal’s information in real-time from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Cross-reference uniform and consistent data on more than 2 million animals
  • See updates automatically across the global network
  • Run customized reports to save you time with permits, annual reports, etc.
  • Product Support Team includes a dedicated staff of five people with more than 100 years of registrar, keeper, curator, aquarist, vet, vet tech and product experience
  • Product training is offered via web-training, on-site training, and the Annual User’s Conference and other events
  • Product development based on user community involvement and formal User’s Group (coming late this year)
  • ISIS provides back-up, restore, and disaster recovery through a professionally hosted production environment.

ZIMS is a web-based system. You only need a basic computer, browser and Internet access Supports multiple browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mosaic Firefox)

  • Provides the ability to keep multiple modules and multiple animals, enclosures, etc. open at the same time for the same user
  • Provides a "Recently Used" list to easily find current animals, enclosures, etc.