One global, real-time, accurate Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) application -- enhancing local care, protecting population health & supporting international conservation efforts.‬


  • Increases efficiency
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases data quality
  • Facilitates faster communication

ISIS has 933 live sharks and ~2000 live rays showing on species holdings -- just think what we could learn from a worldwide collection

Collect, query and analyze data –
quickly and easily


Aquarium professionals spend hours collecting and recording data to support daily decision-making and scientific work.

Until now, there has been no central format or location for this information, which leaves your critical information inaccessible, difficult to gather, inadequate or out-of-date – and your animal management suffers. ZIMS will change that.
Comprehensive population oversight


  • Follow animals through acquisition and
    disposition, including group splits, merges
    and two groups in the same enclosure
  • Record births and lifestage transitions
  • Collect census data
  • Record additional notes on each individual

Environment/Life Support

  • Monitor your enclosures’ water quality
  • Enter temperature, pH and nitrogen levels
    for trending and out-of-range alerting
  • Record data on bacteria counts and
    oxygen levels
  • Record and monitor filtration/non-filtration
    events so you can make system adjustments
    to save your animal collection


  • Track animals’ life history
  • Record rearing practices, sex and


  • Track treatments, prescriptions and outcomes
    in specific rooms/tanks/enclosures
  • Access a complete history of animals
    presented for clinical exam, including
    enclosure and medical history, diet, behavior
    and water quality
  • Immediately access laboratory results, and
    interface between lab and other systems
  • Compare blood chemistry and hematology
    results to past values for the
    individual and normals for the species
  • Identify morphometric and physiological
  • Monitor health status to alert vets of
    possible outbreaks
  • Search past quarantine, hospital,
    husbandry and necropsy records for
    similar problems and successful
    treatment protocols
  • Record collection and banking samples
  • Access summary information on living
    collections and preserved biomaterials
ISIS built the ZIMS application based on input from aquarium professionals

The ZIMS platform is the first online, real-time aquatic data management software designed specifically to serve the needs of aquariums for animal management, research and conservation planning.

ZIMS will allow my aquarists to learn from the experiences of others in the field in ways they currently can’t. We will be able to share animal health records, water quality trends and treatment success between institutions, allowing aquarists to learn from others’ experiences in real time – and in context of the aquarium world.”
– Tim Carpenter
Curator of Fish and Invertebrates
Seattle Aquarium
ZIMS consultant


Organize, Integrate, Analyze
the information you need daily


In addition to providing comprehensive population oversight information, ZIMS will allow you to integrate multiple independent sets of existing zoo and aquarium animal, medical and environmental information, giving you full control and access to your data. Reports allow you to output this information in a format that makes sense to you.

The ZIMS application both feeds information into, and allows you to access the shared ISIS knowledge-base of basic biologic information and best practices on more than 2.6 million animals –10,000 species. More than 800 zoological institutions worldwide are a part of the ISIS network. The experience of more than 20,000 professionals in animal management is at the fingertips of ZIMS users. Your animal management and welfare objectives are based on collective information.