​​Zoological Information Management System - ZIMS

Deployment process​

Please note: We are currently scheduling our members in good standing for ZIMS deployment. If you are unsure about your institution's deployment, please contact memberservices@isis.org.

Your institution's deployment process involves these steps:

Each ISIS institution has been assigned a ZIMS deployment specialist who will guide your ZIMS Project Manager through this process. Your ZIMS Project Manager will receive information from your deployment specialist in the month before you begin your deployment and at each step in the process.
The ZIMS deployment process is set up to fit into your daily routine -- not replace it. Each of the steps below can happen on a flexible schedule as determined by you.

One caution: these steps do need to occur in the order listed so you cannot move on to the next step until the one preceding has been completed. 
STEP 1: Orientation to the ZIMS application and the deployment process
STEP 2:  Training for you and your staff – ISIS offers unlimited free self-paced training, interactive ZIMS Practice, live webinars and premium training options as well. Complimentary training includes  an introduction to the ZIMS application  and information for your ZIMS administrator to get acquainted with how the system is set up.

This computer-based training will be available to you and your staff 24 hours a day.
STEP 3: Setting up your users and roles in the ZIMS application. This will allow you to customize the ZIMS application to the various job descriptions of those in your institution who will be using the ZIMS application.
STEP 4: (If you are an ARKS user) sending your final ARKS backup to ISIS for conversion to the ZIMS database.
When we have everything set up and you are comfortable – YOU GO LIVE -- and begin using the ZIMS application as your main animal records keeping system.
During your deployment period, an ISIS deployment specialist will communicate directly with your institution's ZIMS Project Manager at each step to assure that you are ready to move to the next step.
Hardware requirements
Click here to view the ZIMS hardware requirements:
ZIMS FAQ - Hardware Requirements
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