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Last modified at 7/31/2016 12:16 PM by Lauren Florisson
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ZIMS Release Notes

Application Release Notes, reminder to update your ZIMS Roles with each release!

Version 2.3 released on January 25, 2016
Version 2.2 released on June 29, 2015
Version 2.1 released on October 13, 2014
Version 2.0 released on April 28, 2014
Version 1.7 released on January 27, 2014
Version 1.6 released on August 26, 2013
Version 1.5 released on April 27, 2013
Version 1.4 released on January 12, 2013
Version 1.3 Released November 03, 2012
Version 1.2 Released August 18, 2012
Version 1.1.1 Released May 24, 2012
Version 1.0.0 Released April 2, 2012
Version 2.3 released on January 25, 2016

Reminder to ZIMS Admins to update your ZIMS Roles with each release!

New Features and Enhancements:

Aquarium Functionality!

  • Water type added to Acquisition from Wild and Collection Trip screens
  • Addition of Save & Repeat buttons and Add Enclosure Maintenance Checkbox for Enclosure, Life Support, and Component Measurements.
  • Redesign of Enclosure, life support, and component Maintenance and Maintenance Requests: simplification, creation of Enclosure Maintenance Calendar task, and apply to enclosure occupants
  • Feeding method added to animal and enclosure feed logs (broadcast or direct)
  • New functionality
    • Enclosure Treatment
    • Aquarist Daily Log
    • Ability to enter all information in one spot
    • New reports
      • Wild Acquisition Report
      • Enclosure Activity Report
  • Aquatic Enclosure Prescription: A new type of prescription record designed specifically for aquarium treatments where the drug or chemical is added to the entire aquatic system so that all animals within the enclosure are exposed to the treatment agent at the specified concentration.
ZIMS Husbandry!
  • New Enrichment Item and Session functionality
  • Includes new Enrichment box on animal more details tab, batch functionality, new calendar item type, addition of enrichment to activity report.
  • New feature: Provisional Data
  • Allows provisional data to be entered by one user and accepted or rejected by another user
    Includes new Daily Report (output) as well as ability to include/exclude provisional data on Activity Report, and Note Retrieval Report
  • New reports
    • Wild Acquisition Report
    • Enclosure Activity Report
    • Global Permit Report
    • Daily Report
  • Additional information displayed in Animal Basic Info box: House Name and show ISIS global taxonomy in addition to institution preferred synonym when institution synonym is being used
  • Improvements to the DIT/Received Dead functionality for better display in reports
  • Fixes to the water quality template window for easier use (fixed scroll bars, fixed column/row headers, addition of screen expand button)
  • New data visualizations
    • Charts of animals and species at your institution, association, or global level, grouped by taxonomy, birth type, IUCN or CITES status
    • Maps of ISIS members, by type, category, or data currentness
    • Charts and maps of external sharing statistics
    • Institutional data quality indicators
    • Chart of studbook keeper assignments by taxonomy at the association or global level
    • Institutional security tools: user activity chart, map of IP address activity, and timeline of activity volume
  • New Studbook Keeper List module for searching studbook keepers by name, institution, country, continent, association, and studbook taxonomy
  • Species holding can now be filtered by Continent, Country, Association, or My Institution
  • Report Changes!
    • Note Retrieval Report
      • Ability to sort by Taxonomy, Local ID, GAN, Note Date, Note Type. Transaction Report
      • Collection filter added
    • Multi-Facility Inventory Report
      • Addition of Country filter
    • Enclosure Report (updates coming in early February)
      • Summary count of animals added
      • Additional Sort Options (one page per enclosure, one page per taxa, by Team/Department or Local ID), Include Enclosure History for each animal, include groups
    • Weight Comparison Report (updates coming in early February)
      • Display multiple animals
    • Specimen Report
      • Batch print from Animal List
ZIMS Medical!
  • Warning message to clarify purpose of checkbox to exclude individual test results
  • Calendar opens in full screen mode, not a small, popup window
  • Calendar tasks with specific start times now show that time when in list mode
  • In calendar view mode, hover-over label now includes the “Assigned to” information
  • For prescriptions on Incomplete Accession animals, the staff instructions includes any additional animal identifier information from the Incomplete Accession entry
  • Report menu was re-organized to place more frequently used reports towards the top of the list and grouping related reports into submenus
  • A Miscellaneous/Other category was added to the Treatment Dictionary item type list
  • A second grid was added to the Drugs Given tab of the Anesthesia record to show non-anesthesia drugs given during an anesthesia event
  • In the dashboard list of records, those records associated with multiple animals now have a hover-over that displays additional details about the animals
  • When adding Tests & Results to samples associated with multiple animals, additional animal information is now displayed to assist with confirming that the test results are being entered for the correct sample
  • For sample records, the “collected by” field will now accept team entries as well as individual staff names
  • The editing rules for prescriptions have been modified and extended so that when a new drug item is selected for the prescription, that has the same active ingredients as the initial drug item, fewer data fields will be automatically reset and require new entries
  • Batch functionality for simultaneous updating of Weight, Health Status, and Body Condition Score from a single screen (designed to assist with data entry following physical examination on a number of animals – for example, a flamingo flock roundup)
  • A data cleanup utility to provide a single screen to assist with resolving active problems, terminating active prescriptions/treatments, calendar task removal, and the final health status and body condition score entries for animals that have been removed from the collection (e.g., by death).  The utility can be run in batch mode for a date range or in individual GAN mode and can be accessed from the main dashboard under Medical Apps or from within the pathology record
  • Aquatic Enclosure Prescription: A new type of prescription record designed specifically for aquarium treatments where the drug or chemical is added to the entire aquatic system so that all animals within the enclosure are exposed to the treatment agent at the specified concentration.
   Fixes & Improvements include:
  • Problems with usage records in the Pharmacy Inventory module
  • Ability to enter symbols such as  < or > in physiological measurements
  • Export of Drug Usage Extract pages
  • Search results grid for Incomplete Accession animals now shows available data correctly
  • Multiple fixes in pathology records involving samples, test and results tab, finalizing the record and generating pending death records correctly from the carcass submission event.
  • Dictionary search results are not restricted to 500 records

Version 2.2 released on June 29, 2015
New Features and Enhancements:
ZIMS for Husbandry
  • Egg and fetus events now included on Studbook Keeper News Feed
  • Animal Enclosure History Search: Listed enclosure occupants are now based on the dates that the focus animal was in enclosure rather than search date range.
  • Addition of descriptor (right, left, etc.) to Animal Length measurements
  • ZIMS Help icon added to desktop for easy reference
  • Ability to display preferred ID on animal tab (based on preference)
  • Identifier preferences split into four different checkboxes inside Application Preferences (for user or institution):
    • Show only my institution's identifiers for local animals in animal search results
    • Show only my institution's identifiers for local animals on reports
    • Include only active identifiers in animal search results
    • Include only active identifiers for reports
  • Batch functionality added in Animal module for Assign Permit, Collection Change Event, Taxonomy Change Event, and Sex Change Event
  • Save and Repeat button added in Animal module for Animal Weights, Lengths, Notes, and Observations
  • Save and Repeat button also added for Animal Accessions
  • Added Primary Body System Affected field to go along with Relevant Death Information for Animal Death
  • Relevant Death Information changed into a cascading standard (which was the original intention)
  • Ability to select obsolete terms in search filters for data retrieval (example: search for notes with an obsolete note type/subtype)
  • Ability to select and use obsolete taxonomies
  • New Pending Taxonomy Change tab for when ISIS changes taxonomy
    • Do not have to use ISIS taxonomy, can choose to archive the pending (rather than ISIS automatically updating your animals), and continue to use the obsolete taxonomy
    • Have option of making it a preference to always accept the changes so you don’t have to deal with pending changes
  • Incomplete Dispositions added
    • These will be created when pathologist enters a necropsy record when a death has not yet been recorded on the husbandry side
  • Sire entry can be removed if egg is infertile
  • Animal Advanced Search: Search by Birth or Acquisition date ranges allows you to show identifier as of current date or acquisition date
  • Changes to Animals Available: Can now add a list of animals and if you do, it will display as a count of animals for that taxonomy in the Available list.
  • Report Changes!
    • Inventory Report
      • Display Higher Taxonomy option added
    • Transaction Report
      • Collection filter added
    • Taxon Report
      • Include Permits checkbox added
    • Specimen Report
      • Overall design changed to appear more like taxon report
      • Added checkboxes for Contraception and Life Stage
      • Option to show observations and notes combined into one section, to show separately, or to just show one or the other
      • Option to exclude notes sourced from other grids
      • Can now filter by note subtype, and note subtype is included on report
      • Permit ID now included on report
      • Parent local IDs now displayed along with GAN
      • If no weights exist, weight graph will not appear even if checked
      • Changed True/False to Yes/No for data in columns
ZIMS for Medical
  • Pathology Module (Necropsy and Biopsy functionality) help page is here 
  • And re-watch the 2.2 release webinar by Dr. Andrew Teare (principle MedARKS developer and ZIMS Subject Matter Expert).
  • Global Drug Usage Extracts
  • “Group Plus” view of medical records; center pane shows medical records associated with a group and the medical records of other groups and individuals that were merged into or split from that group
  • Anesthesia changes:
    • Overall Rating filter in Anesthesia Search (Simple and Advanced) is now multi-select
    • Added “Done and Repeat” button for adding new milestones and effects
    • If anesthesia is incomplete, text is now different in center pane to make it obvious
    • “Inventory Items Only” option when adding drugs given
  • Prescription/Pharmacy Inventory changes:
    • Additional search filter added to Prescription Advanced search: End Date (range)
    • Added Save/Repeat button options (New Drug, New Animal)
    • Additional filter options for records displayed in center pane based on category of drug
    • Added ability to change font size for Staff Instructions
    • New business rule for Pharmacy Inventory: Cannot add usage record with date prior to Received Date for that bottle
    • Add Dispensing Record: changed field order to put most used fields first
    • Added ability to view and select any pharmacy bottle with the same active ingredient during dispensing
  • Calendar changes:
    • Added Task button added to Calendar Tasks in right-side panel.
    • Ability to edit, delete, and complete Calendar items from right-side panel
    • Added clone button for Repeat Prescription Calendar reminder
  • Other changes:
    • Increased the record limit to 1500 for center pane when looking at medical records for single GAN
    • Added quick link in Basic Animal Info section to display other active identifiers
    • Now display the count of records being shown in center pane (at top)
    • Procedure end dates will default based on the duration entered for that term in the Term Dictionary
    • Tests and Results will now use default units that user sets in preferences (SI or US)
    • Added a 4 part SOAP note template for Clinical Notes
  • Additional new reports!  --Updated PowerPoint on Medical Reports Here--
    • Medical Record Metrics Report
    • Pathology Case Report
    • Weight Monitoring Report
    • Clinical Note File Copy Report
    • Calendar Items Report
    • Medical Caseload Management Report
    • Daily Medical Activity Summary Report
    • Medical Test Spreadsheet Report

    Version 2.1 released on October 13, 2014
    New Features and Enhancements:
    ZIMS for Husbandry
    • ZIMS localization to support translation into other languages
    • Scope (global or local) added to Permits. This allows you to display Permits to other institutions if you so choose
    • Post office message is now sent to previous holders or owners of an animal if the current holder or owner changes the sex type of the animal
    • Post office message is sent to the owner of an animal out on loan if the holder of the animal changes the sex type of the animal
    • When you receive an animal from another institution, you will now have a sex type record that will be displayed in the Taxonomy / Sex Type / Collection box that can be edited by your institution
    • Taxonomy will now drive the parent record so that if a taxonomy is marked as asexual, you will only need to enter one parent
      • Please note that birth accession requires parents first so you have to enter the second parent and then edit the record to delete it
      • If you come across a taxonomy that is not properly set as Asexual, please contact ISIS support
    • Geographical Area (containing islands, mountains, continents, etc.) is now a cascading dropdoawn
    • Note Retrieval Report bugs (export to CSV not containing all records, “no subtype” not selectable) were fixed. In addition, you now have the ability to run the report for one or more specific animals
    • Average % Pedigree Known and Average % Pedigree Certain will now be included on Population Overview report (this information was previously available only for species with studbooks, analyzed with PMx)
    • Average % Pedigree Known – % pedigree known is the percent of an individual’s genome that is traceable to a known group of founders (includes MULT parents where all candidates are identified, as traceable to founders). For example, if an individual has a founder Dam and an unknown Sire, the % pedigree known is 50% for this individual. The average is calculated across all living individuals
      • Average % Pedigree Certain - % pedigree certain is the percent of an individual’s genome that is traceable to specific individual founders (i.e. excludes MULT parents whether identified or not). The average is calculated across all living individuals
    • The Specimen Report has a new “Ancestry Information” grid for the animal, at the bottom, based on data shared through ISIS, where % pedigree known, % pedigree certain, ancestral taxonomic inconsistencies, and the number of ancestors found in ISIS’ ZIMS are reported. We hope presenting this ancestry information will lead to its’ use and improvement
    • Another option has been adding for Pending Transactions: “Not Entered in ZIMS”. This should be used if you know you received the animal (or sent the animal) but did not accession that animal in ZIMS. “No Information Available” should continue to be used for cases where you have no records as to whether or not that animal was ever at or owned by your institution

    ZIMS for Medical

    Version 2.0 Released on April 28, 2014
    New Features and Enhancements:
    ZIMS with Medical Release! 
    Includes the following features:
    • Health status
      • A log of the changes in health status of an animal over time
      • Body Condition Score
    • A log of the changes in the standardized body condition score of an animal over time
    • Anesthesia
      • A record of the drugs given, the effects produced, and the outcome of an anesthesia event with linkages to samples collected and physiological measurements made during the event
    • Treatment and Prescriptions
      • Standardized orders for medical care; linked to dispensing and administration records
    • Pharmacy Inventory
      • This module gives users the ability to track the pharmaceuticals used at your institution; especially useful for controlled drug compliance.
    • Samples
      • A record of the samples collected and the subsamples produced with linkages to tests performed on that sample
    • Tests & Results
      • The tests performed on a sample and the outcome/result of that test
    • Physiological measurements
      • The heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature and similar measurements routinely collected during an anesthesia event or while an animal is awake; values can be graphed to show changes over tim
    • Clinical notes
      • The free-text portion of the medical record of an animal; supports the SOAP format
    • Diagnoses & Procedures
      • The standardized list of clinical signs, clinical findings, major procedures, medical conditions, diseases and issues experienced by an animal during its lifetime
    • Incomplete Accessions
      • Staff can be given the ability to do an incomplete accession to get an animal in the system when medical records, notes, or other information needs to be captured and the animal has not yet been fully accessioned.  Users will have the ability to match these incomplete accessions up with fully accessioned animals so that the information can be moved to the permanent animal record.
    • Infrastructure
      • Providing support in the integrated ZIMS platform for the management of medical records
      • Includes medical roles managed separate from R1 side roles
    • Dashboard
      • The initial view of recent medical records; can be grouped and sorted by date or by animal and filtered by record type
    • Search panels
      • Allows filtered search of medical records to produce a customized view of the medical records
    • Medical term dictionary
      • Global and local lists of medical terms used to build standardized diagnoses; supports alternative languages and crowd-sourced translation
    • Treatment item dictionary
      • Global and local lists of drugs and other treatment items used to build standardized prescriptions; supports alternative languages and crowd-sourced translation
    • Test dictionary
      • Global list of tests that can be performed on samples; supports alternative languages and crowd-sourced translation
    • Note templates, Favorite Samples, Test Panels and Measurement Panels
      • A variety of tools to make medical data entry simpler, faster and more consistent
    • Reports
    Also in this release:
    • Institution and user preference added to only show your local identifiers in animal search results grid
    • Bugs fixed on Animal Husbandry side of application.
    Version 1.7 released on January 27, 2014

    New Features and Enhancements:
    • Added “Studbook Keeper” grids to taxonomy & regional association institution pages and created report in preparation for the upcoming Studbook Keeper News.
    • Contact Directory is back and now much more functional.  Any staff that you have made viewable to others can be searched for here by other institutions and their contact information obtained.  You can also add local contacts for other institutions (including non-ISIS members) that you may want to keep track of.
    • Added the ability to print multiple specimen reports at one time.
    • Local Host: Will provide the ability for an institution to have access to their local data for custom reporting, integrating with other applications, and offline use.  There is an additional cost for this service.
    • Column Customization: Improves the search criteria and the associated search result grid with more data fields to choose from which are saved between user login sessions.
    • Adding Multiple Parent functionality has been improved to save data entry time. You can now perform a search by taxonomy for the possible parents and select as many as are appropriate from the results grid. If you enter by GAN or Local ID the functionality remains as a single entry at a time.
    • Auto-calculation of multiple parents: Previously, if multiple parents were recorded for an animal the User would have to manually calculate the possible percentage. This became very time consuming when many animals were a possibility. With auto-calculate the application will do that for you. For example, if you recorded five possible Sires and select the Re-adjust Percentages button the application will give a percentage of 20% to all. If you feel that one male was most probably the Sire and one was very unlikely to be the Sire, you can manually change those as appropriate. The Total Percentage for each parent must still add up to 99-100%.
    • We have redesigned the Pending Transactions and My Transactions tab to be more user-friendly when it comes to resolving pending transactions.  Now you will take action on your pending transactions via the My Transaction tab for that animal.  The list of pending transactions will still appear in their own separate tab where you can click on the GAN to go to the My Transactions tab to take action.
    • Specimen Report has had format updates that include a more compact font and more efficient use of space, in the interest of saving paper.  The report will also denote when no data of the requested type is found.
    • Population Overview Report: "Export for Raw Excel" option added. - this will give you an Excel sheet with data on different tabs for each of the quadrants of the Population Overview, so you can see or further analyze the numbers that create the graphs and tables.
    • Population Overview Report: "My Institution" option added.  You can now use the Population Overview tool to focus on just your local population, seeing acquisition and disposition history graphs, population size trend, age pyramid, and population data evaluation, covering just your institution.

    Also in this release:

    • Transaction Monitoring has been overhauled to ensure functionality across the entire application.
    • Seconds have been added to GPS location field
    • Can now restore clutches marked as obsolete
    • When individual or group is split from another group, parents of the group are automatically copied over to the new individual or group.  User is given a warning message when this occurs.
    • ZIMS Data Security document added
    • Transponders now marked inactive when holder reports death of that animal
    • Changed column title and functionality in Notes/Observations for preparation in upcoming ZIMS with Medical release. Column changed from “Entered By” to “Authored By”.  Column will display staff name (where available) on local records and institution for global records.
    Bugs fixed, including:
    • Group census now appears on Specimen Report.
    • Full Group Disposition had a fix so that they now appear as disposition counts on the inventory reports.
    • Fixed bug where disconnected components were still showing in life support tree.
    • The free text field in Notes was mandatory but it was not mandatory for Observations.  Is now NOT mandatory for both Notes and Observations.
    • Fixed bug where if you click the checkbox to include local IDs (animals) or names (enclosure, life support, component) during a batch transaction and then choose a note template, the template would override the “included” note.
    • In animal Batch Measurement Template, can now do a multiple select on animals when using the animal search (magnifying glass) to look up animals to add.
    • Can now right-click on entry in Notes and Observations tab to get Action menu

    Version 1.6 released on August 26, 2013

    New Features and Enhancements:
    • External Data Sharing: You now have the ability to share all of your information that you have entered in ZIMS about an animal (not just the default globally-shared data) with an institution. This feature is turned off by default and can be turned on via your institution preferences just like Advanced Access Management. The sharing can be done by Animal or by Taxonomy. It can be assigned by Animal directly from within the animal’s record or from the grid under My Institution. It can be assigned by Taxonomy via the grid in My Institution. This is especially useful when preparing to send an animal to another institution.
    • ISIS Physiological Reference values have been updated and have been added directly into ZIMS to view (see Start Menu > Physiological Reference). These values are available in Standard International Units and Conventional US Units.
    • New Report: Population Overview – a one-screen summary evaluation of the status and sustainability of any species or subspecies across all ISIS members globally, or filtered to continent, regional association, or country. This should be of interest to regional association staff, TAGs, studbook keepers, species managers, etc.
    • Social media links have been added so that you can follow us and follow what’s happening at ISIS and with other ISIS members on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
    • ISIS Support help links have been directly integrated into ZIMS so that you can go directly to the relevant help link for whatever area in ZIMS you are currently using.
    • Addition of Batch Death disposition
    Also in this release:
    • The ability to do a “contains” search on ALL identifiers (rather than just transponder) has been added to Advanced Search (for local animals only) and to the Start Menu quick search.
    • Notes and Observations have been moved off of the Animal Details tab and on to a tab of their own for ease of use.
    • The ability to edit the effective date for your local ID has been added (note that you still cannot edit the local ID itself—please contact ISIS Technical Support if you need help with that).
    • You can now switch fonts from Arial to Arial Unicode for Reports via Institutional Preferences (enhances usability for languages with extended character sets).
    • Unit of measurement trimming has now been done on many measurements including animal lengths and weights, enclosure dimensions, enclosure environmental measurements, and life support/component environmental measurements. The purpose of this is to reduce the number of available choices by removing items that do not make sense for that particular measurement (Example: kilometer for tail length). More unit of measurement trimming will be implemented in the future. If you feel like we have “over-trimmed” a certain measurement and are missing a unit of measure that you commonly use, please contact ISIS Technical Support and we can very easily get that back into the dropdown for you.
    • Improved support for iPads, iPhones, and iPods
    • Users can now login via email OR username
    • Owner can now split or merge groups/animals that are being held by a non-ISIS member institution
    • Improvements to the auto-incrementing local ID feature in Institution Preference
    • When a pending transaction is generated, an ISIS post office message will now NOT be sent. This was a request from users to cut down on the number of post office messages being received.
    Bugs fixed, including:
    • Start Menu local animal search now works for all identifiers, not just the ones entered by your institution on that animal
    • When adding an undetermined parent type (of undetermined sex), you can now remove the previously entered Undetermined/Indeterminate from the sire and Dam fields.
    • Corrected error where birth date was not being calculated correctly due to time zone.
    • Weight graph hover over now shows units of measurement.
    • Holder is now mandatory for Birth, ownership only. Owner is now mandatory for Birth, physical only.
    • Census Date for a true census can now be estimated.

    Version 1.5 released on April 27, 2013
    New Features and Enhancements:
    • Advanced Access Management: This is a new feature that allows you to restrict your staff’s access within your institution to specific taxonomies (or individual animals), enclosures, life supports, and components. (Please note that your institution should contact if you would like this enabled.)
    • Role consolidation: ISIS is reducing the number of currently ISIS-managed roles to six for simplicity and ease of use.
    Fixed with this release:

    Major fixes in reports.
    • All Reports 
      • Now support both A4 and letter paper sizes 
      • Improved date filtering logic fixes bug where single day reports did not return all results 
      • Identifier grids now showing all notes 
      • Numerous small fixes across many reports 
    • Activity Report 
      • Added advanced access management 
      • Improved speed, especially when filtering by taxonomy 
    • Enclosure report 
      • Improved sorting logic 
      • Improved formatting 
      • Note grids return notes 
    • Inventory Summary Report 
      • Improved counting logic
    • Loan Report 
      • Improved sorting logic 
      • Improved formatting 
      • Allow user to select notes 
      • Improved logic for holders and owners
    • Animal Note Retrieval Report 
      • Added advanced access management 
      • Improved speed 
      • Improved formatting 
      • Added option for weights
    • Enclosure Note Retrieval Report 
      • ​Returns results 
    • Specimen Report 
      • Added advanced access management 
      • Improved formatting

    Version 1.4 released on January 12, 2013
    New Features and Enhancements:
    • Accession from Wild: Can now link the accession to a previously entered collection trip, and accession fields will pre-fill based on the trip information.
    • Infrastructural changes to support future features
    • Batch Transaction: Life stage change
    • Batch Split functionality: can split out multiple individuals at one time from a group
    • For animals owned and held by two different institutions, the other party is notified if the owner/holder records the death of that animal
    • Collection Trip is now exportable to PDF
    • Hover-over definitions of terms have been implemented for all dropdown menus.  We will be adding and refining definitions further as we go.  If there is no current definition for a term, no definition will show.
    • Details have been added to Transaction Monitor for most transactions.  Clicking the details button will show you information on the record that was added or edited.
    • Local Admin can remove lists created by others.
    • Group Splits and Merges no longer display as Acquisitions and Dispositions in Inventory Reports UNLESS you select to show them as such.
    Fixed with this release:
    • Issue where you could not change ownership of animal to yourself when in on loan from non-ISIS member
    • Ability to record wild parents
    • Auto-increment local ID tool now works on collection trips
    • Issue where groups marked as colonies were not appearing on inventory summary reports
    • Issue where animal was being marked as Undetermined (lost to follow up) when sender recorded “No Information Available” for confirmation of a receiver initiated accession
    • Issue where you could edit local IDs—local IDs cannot be editable due to export to MedARKS/SPARKS
    • Issue where having an odd number of parents caused user to have to enter one parent being more probable than others to add up to 100%
    • Details for Feed Log display in grid and exported files
    • Plus more than 200 other application and report bugs
    Version 1.3 released on November 3, 2012
     New Features and Enhancements
    • Animal Management
      • Enclosure added as search criteria for Creating Animal List.  Enclosure column also added to Animal Search Results.
      • Added Trained By column to Training Information grid for Sessions
      • Added Batch Transaction: Death (individual)
      • Added Batch Transaction: Training log
      • Added Taxonomy as search criteria for: Animal/Group Merge Split Search, Animal Alert Search, Animal Group Census Search
      • Added an Include Sub Enclosure checkbox to Enclosure Details > Occupants. When checked, shows occupants of enclosure in context and any below.
      • Added checkbox to "Include pre-birth entities" on taxon report (previously they were automatically included)
      • Auto-incrementing local ID "tool" similar to one in ARKS.  To use, set it up under Institution Preferences > Change Application Settings
      • Can enter estimated date for Date Last Seen On-Site for Missing Dispositions
      • Ability to do a batch accession starting from an animal you already accessioned (for litters, clutches, etc).  Can be found with animal in focus under Actions menu, “Take a Copy from this Animal.”
      • Transponder Search on Add/Assign Transponder Screen is now a wildcard search if you include ‘*’ before the string. Animal Search > Advanced Animal Search is now a wildcard search when you select Identifier Type = Transponder and include ‘*’ before the string.
      • Start Menu > Search for Local Animals will also search for animals by any identifier using a contains search if you include ‘*’ before the string
      • Death Date Range added as search criteria for Animal Advanced search if you include dead animals.  Death Date also added as column to animal search results.
    • Group Management
      • Can now merge two individual animals to form a new group of animals
      • Ability to move individual or part of group out of a group at your institution and into another group at your institution (without creating a separate GAN)
      • Added mouse-over icon to Census Info if note was recorded on census or group transaction.  Upon hover, you can see body of note for that census.  Also added mouse-over icon to Details column on My Transactions grid for censuses and partial group transactions.
    • Institutions and Users
      • User Access Management: An institution can choose to allow users to only have one active session at a time.  An institution can also limit access to ZIMS from pre-defined IP addresses.  A new feature was added to Transaction Monitoring (TM) that shows summaries of user sessions.  The purpose of this feature is to give those with access to TM the ability to see who is spending time in ZIMS, how many transactions are they creating, and from where are they working.
      • Role column added to My Institution > Staff box.  Also added to search criteria for that box.
      • Permits Search: Expanded search fields for better permit output to function as a permit report for an institution
    New Reports and Enhancements
    • New and improved design on the Transaction Report, Taxon Report, and Activity report
    • Peak Holdings report
    • Enclosure Tree Printout: can export open enclosure tree to PDF for printing
    • Taxonomy Tree Printout: can export open taxonomy tree to PDF for printing
    • Include Training checkbox now on Specimen Report so that you can include training information on the report
    • Added "Include only active identifiers" checkbox to My Preferences for Reports.  Checking this box means only active identifiers will appear in the reports.
    Fixed with this release
    • Group merge/split, census, and group count issues
    • Accession issues including missing and escaped animals
    • My Transaction issues
    • Training definitions
    • User Interface and Report display issues
    • Browser compatibility issues
    Version 1.2 released on August 18, 2012  
    New features and enhancements
    • Can now add fetus directly from dam’s record
    • Ability to record measurements on life support component
    • Ability to track egg incubation over time
    • Ability to track changing statuses of permits
    • Merging two enclosures either for data clean-up or an actual physical merge now results in a note being put on the animal’s record if animal was in either enclosure involved in the merge.
    • User will be notified through a reminder pop up on accessioning an animal if either of its parents is in on loan.
    • Added batch transaction functionality to enclosures, life support, and components
    • For animals held but not owned, holder will get notification if an ownership change is added
    • Ability to track changing statuses of training
    • Addition of enclosure, life support, and component valid measurements (measurements will show in red if out of the set range)
    • During creation of a local institution, a search will be performed to see if the institution already exists in the global list
    • User will get warning if they try to add a shutdown/retired life support system to enclosure, but it will be allowed if the user chooses to do so
    • Preferred ID will now show in animal search results instead of local ID (unless local ID is your preferred ID)
    • Upon user creation, email entered is automatically put in the communications box for that user
    • Privacy/control of animal lists without an institution has been added.  This means if you create an animal list, you can decide if other users at your institution can edit this list or not.
    • Addition of Go, Start, and End buttons on Notes and Observations grid for easier navigation
    • New action item added for pending confirmation: No information available
    • Age Pyramid report added
    • Weight Comparison report added (aka normal weight graph)
    • Group Specimen report and Taxon report now includes group censuses and split/merges
    • Filters added to Inventory Detail report that take the place of ARKS Regulatory Report
    • Pedigree Explorer tool enhanced to include offspring search.  This enhancement plus the ability to export to PDF (and print) takes the place of ARKS Relationship Report.
    • New function on pedigree explorer: taxonomic inconsistencies.  This will show any taxonomy differences up the pedigree for an animal.
    • Transaction report export is now one row per transaction
    • New business rule: taxonomy of an egg cannot be changed to non-egg bearing taxonomy (assuming information is set within the taxonomic tree)
    • New additions to Institution Statistics screen: Total Number of Animals in the collection (grand total and split by individual and group) and Number of different taxa (species and subspecies)
    • Two fields added to Add New Component screen: Attached Life Support and Connection Type
    • When animals are split or merged due to data quality reasons (ISIS staff functionality), the GAN previously associated with the animal data is now being saved as “Old accession number” so that the animal can be found if you search by this old GAN.
    • A warning message will be displayed if the following animal data is added to an animal outside the date that the institution held or owned the animal: Notes/Observations, Feed log, Identifiers, Animal Lengths, Animal Weights, Contraception, Rearing, Developmental Milestones, Life Stages, Alerts, Training Information, Training Log/Event, Add Permit to Animal, Management Plan, Responsible Party, and Event Locations.  User can choose to save data as is or fix the data before saving.
    • Filters added to Inventory Detailed Report for Owned and Onsite, In On Loan, and Out On Loan
    • Grids are now sort-able by columns across entire application
    • Ability to add clutch/litter
    • If weight is estimated, this is now shown in animal weight graph
    • Hover over message added to listing authority field on permit screen
    • Added Country as search criteria for collection trip
    • Ability to create animal list from animal search results screen
    • Rearing now included in accession flow
    • Added invertebrates to Animal Statistics graph
    • Conception Type added to Birth/Hatch accession screen
    • Display entity type in specimen report header for anything not an individual animal
    • Option to display either GAN or Institution/Local ID on Pedigree Explorer
    • Option to show subtaxa separately in species holdings, or all together under one species
    • Added ability to search for ZIMS institution in Institution Search
    • Added Location Modifier with list of directions (north, south, etc) to be used as modifiers for any geographical reference location.
    • Species Wanted now visible globally
    • Added current/all and local/global filters to animal search for creating batch animal lists
    • Added new team type of “Administration”
    • Thumbnail image able to be added to each animal
    • New batch transaction: Close out groups
    • Note and Observation Type and Subtype clean up: one data standard is now used for both notes and observations.  Note types are now more reflective of content of note (i.e. got rid of ZIMS System Page Comment note type).
    • Major change in group functionality (see additional groups document” Important Explanation of the New Groups Functionality")
    Fixed with this release
    • Some navigation and count issues with Group Explorer
    • Ability to search enclosure, life support, and component maintenance by work order
    • If animal or group was collected via collection trip, this information now shows on specimen report and in animal basic info
    • Duplicate collection trip names no longer allowed
    • Some issues with collection trip where incorrect fields were active for individuals and groups
    • Issue where incorrect type of life support could be connected to enclosure
    • Issue where disconnected life support was being shown as connected in life support tree
    • IUCN/CITES filter fixed on inventory reports
    • Issue where life support search showed incorrect attached enclosure
    • Changed ordering in enclosure substrate grid, added Include Removed checkbox
    • Made field order in Maintenance grids for Enclosures, Life Supports and Components consistent
    • Collection trip “Supervised By” field changed to “Trip Lead”
    • Fixed various typos
    • Updated the way training grid works and is displayed
    • Range removed from Measurement Templates as this is now covered via Tools > Measurement Range templates, and applies to ALL measurements, not just those entered via template
      Comments associated with feed log had the date that record was entered instead of the date of the feed log.  This has been fixed.
    • Issue with editing notes for Undetermined identifiers
    • Ability to edit local IDs associated with transactions
    • Issue with inventory report not showing animal split back out of group
    • Issue with inventory report not showing group accessions properly
    • Incorrect data standard shown for enclosure type when adding enclosure
    • Local ID no longer required for pre-birth entities
    • Issue where Parent institution was showing in Association members list
    • Issue with merging individual into group from the group record
    • Issue where enclosure move date could be future date
    • Issues with multi-institution user login
    • Addition of business rule: only one local ID per institution per animal
    • Issue with display of formatted text
    • Issue with display of group count in Species Holding
    • Issue with activity reports and filtering by department or team for Entered By
    • Issue with activity report search parameters returning incorrect results
    • Issue where blank note was being generated for sex change event record
    • Issue with default statuses on enclosures.  Also re-added back Operational Date to enclosures
    • Show warning if measurement is outside of range at the time of entering
    • Issue with closed out groups showing in current animal search
    • Aggression field no longer mandatory when entering training session
    • Issue with group counts not displaying on taxon report
    • Issue with speed of transaction tab loading when tab contained many transactions
    • Some issues with notes/observations including display of incorrect characters or not saving pasted text
    • Issue with observation filter on specimen report
    • Issue where all identifiers were not showing on taxon report
    • Issue where dead animals were being shown in taxon report
    • Issue where taxonomy hybrid was not automatically being calculated with parents of different subspecies
    • Issue with transaction report not sorting by date
    • Issue with incorrect header used on inventory summary report (used the detailed header)
    • Issue with note retrieval report where other institution’s notes for the animal were displayed
    • Issue with MedARKS export and split by class
    • Issue with parentage not adding up to 100%
    • Issue where pre-birth entities were showing in species holding.  Should only show individual animals and groups of animals
    • Issue with extra characters being added if enter was pressed during addition of details to a feed log
    • Issue with Fed By field auto-filling in edit mode on Feed Log record
    • Issue with parent not being displayed in specimen report
    • Issue with not being able to delete enclosures
    • Issue with carcass recipient not saving
    • Issue with specimen report displaying incorrect age of animal
    • Issue with red errors on specimen report
    • Issue with enclosure occupant showing incorrect number
    • Issue where local admin could not delete institution-added role
    • Issue with local id not showing in Enclosure report
    • Issue with incorrect calculation of animal’s age when pending confirmation or lost to follow up
    • Issue where group was allowed to be picked for the individual on the individual merged into group screen
    • Reported By no longer mandatory for developmental milestone record
    • Fixed sorting order of institutions in species holding
    • Issue where developmental milestones were not shown on specimen report
    • Some issues with activity report, including blank details for certain event types
    • Issue where note associated with carcass recipient was not storing
    • Issue with incorrect error message given when adding dam that was at my institution same day as birth date of animal being accessioned
    • Issue with sex type not being populated when confirming animal from another institution
    • Issue where pre-birth entities were showing on inventory report
    • Issue with event ordering in both physical and ownership history boxes and on My Transactions tab
    • Issue where Start Menu’s “Recent” list was not showing the most recent animals accessioned
    • Issue where a taxonomy’s synonym remained active even if the taxonomy itself was removed
    • Issue with local IDs in collection trip accession
    • Issue with Observer field in observation not being free-text when type “Visitor” selected
    • Issue where transaction report would not sort based on transaction
    • Issue where time field was not wide enough in Census Box to show AM/PM
    • Issue where you could not edit birth location from the original birth acquisition transaction
    • Issue where local admin could not add a local taxonomy synonym
    • Fixed vehicle dropdown in collection trips to make it cascading
    • Times added to alerts
    • Issue where local admin could edit their institution category and type (this is global admin functionality)
    • Job Title no longer mandatory when adding Contact
    • Issue where you could not edit or remove a component connection to life support, or life support attached to enclosure
    • Enclosure icons in the associated life support tree were changed to reflect whether it is aquatic or terrestrial
    Version 1.1.1 Released May 24, 2012

    New Features and Enhancements:
    • Added Enclosure Status, Note templates, Shipping Information screen, Enclosure/Tank Merge search
    • Ability to add animal disposition via Batch Transactions
    • Parents can now be added when acquisitioning egg From Lay
    • Ability to create “one-off” groups of animals to add batch transactions to (without the need to save the list of animals used)
    • Ability to add feed log records via Batch Transactions
    • Taxonomy list export to ARKS format for ARKS users
    • Measurement Line Graph for Enclosure and Life Support Measurements
    • Added mouseover “reason for change” to Animal Group Census on Animal Details page
    • Regional Association Members (ability to track what institutions belong to what regional associations)
    • Specimen Report now displays physical/ownership term conflicts in different color
    • Specimen report now lists enclosure history in reverse chronological order
    • “Major Life Event” grid that is viewable globally
    • Inventory Report (Detailed) now shows CITES/IUCN Red list information per species, as does Animal Basic Info box
    • Ability to import enclosure and life support measurements from an Excel sheet
    • GANS are now being maintained when animals are being merged and split so that you can look the animal up by its old GAN
    Fixed with this release:
    • Some specific user data issues caused by data migration
    • Issue where Animal Search was not finding dead animals
    • Issue where entering a batch transaction on only the selected animals of the list actually entered the action on all of the animals
    • Some issues involving time zones and data entering
    • Issue involving training log not expanding
    • Issue with regional studbook number dropdown menu
    • Issue involving Activity Report search parameters not returning correct results
    • Issue with feed log that prevented you from going to next page of entries
    • Issue where Observations were not exporting in Excel
    • Issue where user given rights to search and view taxonomy could not do so
    • Issue where editing an animal birth date resulted in an error message
    • Issue where enclosure was not being saved for offspring when adding offspring from parent
    • Removed enclosures no longer appear on enclosure tree or in enclosure search results
    • Issue with Note Retrieval report showing HTML codes in body of note
    • Notes now appear in chronological order on specimen report some issues with ZIMS Post Office
    • Advanced animal search for note text now searches observations as well
    • News feed speed slowed down
    • HTML text editor improved to resolve several issues involving notes
    • Bug that allowed user to change their institution’s mnemonic and ISIS institution code (if you believe you need these to be changed, please contact ISIS)
    • Issue involving duplicate local identifiers
    • Issue with opening Enclosure module in Internet Explorer 7
    • Issue where you could not clear “quick search” field when Animal GAN was too long
    • Issue with animal search by Global Status
    • Issue with saving collection change on animal
    • Issue with saving batch animal weight templates
    • Issue with Note Retrieval report where you could see notes added by other institutions
    • When accessioning animal as Collect From Wild, the Birth Location radio button now defaults to GeoLocation
    • Display issue involving zooming in browser
    • Issue with roles that prevented user from entering measurement preferences
    • Transaction monitoring time stamp now based on browser rather than server time
    • Message “No Animal Found” now returned in Species Holdings if there are no animals found
    Version 1.0.0 Released April 2, 2012

    Using ZIMS in:
    • Internet Explorer
      • You may have a difficult time changing font colors or using highlight feature when formatting comments. When you click either the font color or the highlight color, the color choice box eventually may come up, but it is slow. This formatting works fine in Chrome or Firefox.
    • Chrome
      • You may not be able to highlight/copy the GAN or text in animal detail tab.


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